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个人经历:2009年 清华大学材料科学与工程系 工程博士

          2002年 中南大学材料科学与工程系 工学学士

任职经历:2018年至今 丹麦技术大学机械工程系 高级研究员

          2016年05月- 2017年12月 丹麦科技大学风能系 高级研究员

          2012年06月- 2016年04月 丹麦科技大学风能系 研究员

          2012年01月- 2012年05月 丹麦科技大学风能系 博士后

          2009年08月- 2011年12月 丹麦Risø实验室材料研究部 博士后


报告题目:珠光体钢丝的多级结构与强化机制/Hierarchical Structure and Strengthening Mechanisms in Pearlitic Steel Wire



摘要:Microstructure evolution and strengthening mechanisms have been analyzed in a cold-drawn pearlitic steel wire (the strongest engineering materials in the world) with a nanostructure down to 10 nm and a flow stress up to 5.4 GPa.The interlamellar spacing and the cementite lamellae thickness are reduced during drawing in accordance with the change in wire diameter up to a strain of 2.5. At a higher strain enhanced thinning of cementite lamellae points to decomposition and carbon enrichment of the ferrite lamellae. Dislocations are stored as individual dislocations and in low angle boundaries. No saturation in the dislocation density is observed and it increases to 5E16 m-2 at a strain of 5.4. A high dislocation density at the ferrite/cementite(ferrite) interface is also observed. Boundary strengthening, dislocation strengthening and solid solution hardening are suggested and good agreement is found between the calculated flow stresses and experimental values.