周惠久论坛|Perovskite LEDs: High Efficiency and High Brightness
2019-12-05 14:30:31

邀请讲座人:王建浦  教 授

简介:王建浦,教育部长江学者特聘教授。2009年在英国剑桥大学卡文迪许实验室获博士学位,并从事博士后研究;曾在三星电子韩国总部从事有机LED显示技术研发;2013年加盟南京工业大学先进材料研究院,为江苏省特聘教授,2017年任常务副院长,并获国家杰出青年科学基金。为国际上钙钛矿LED研究的开拓者之一,提出了自组装多量子阱钙钛矿与微结构钙钛矿实现高效发光的学术思想,多次创造效率记录。发明了有机LED的显示像素设计专利,大幅度提高显示面板寿命,专利得到大规模商业化应用。成果发表于《自然》等期刊,入选2016年度“中国高等学校十大科技进展”。参与创办自然出版集团旗下学术期刊npj Flexible Electronics并担任副主编。

【报告】Perovskite LEDs: High Efficiency and High Brightness

时间: 2019年12月06日  上午10:00

地点: 仲英楼 pt老虎机 第一会议室

摘要:Solution-processed light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are attractive for applications in low-cost, large-area lighting sources and displays. Organometal halide perovskites can be processed from solutions at low temperatures to form crystalline direct-bandgap semiconductors with intriguing optoelectronic properties, such as high photoluminescence yield, good charge mobility and excellent color purity. In this talk, I will present our effort to boost the efficiency of perovskite LEDs to a high level which is comparable to organic LEDs. More importantly, organic LEDs are difficult to maintain high efficiency at high current densities due to their excitonic nature and low charge mobilities. Low temperature solution-processed perovskite LEDs demonstrate remarkably high efficiency at high current densities, suggesting unique potential to achieve large size planar LEDs with high efficiency at high brightness.